Syndicate is a freely downloadable rules-light dark future RPG by Kalle Marjola. It is without a doubt the best known Finnish RPG in the English-speaking world and a pretty ingenious one at that, mixing traditional cyberpunk with strong elements of Hong Kong action. The latest version of the game is Syndicate V and it says that its version of the dark future world has been adopted from my ancient Syndicate-Scorpio rules conversion. It makes me proud to be able to say that I have contributed something to the Syndicate: Dark Future franchise. So why does Burger Games, a roleplaying publisher who usually wants money for its products devote so much time and attention to a free RPG by someone else? Because we are jealous as hell, that's why!

Syndicate Community is a tribute page to Syndicate RPG, with links to the rules and whatever campaign materials we could find in the web. We don't have that much yet and I hope that any Syndicate fans blundering onto this page will give us pointers (and banners for whatever material they have or know about. We at Burger Games are also thinking about doing a small print run of the Syndicate V rules, complete wth illustrations and all, to be sold at a charity price in conventions and game events to spread awareness of this great game. And of us and our involvement in RPG publishing field, of course.

SYNDICATE V RULESClick the Syndicate logo to view Syndicate V rules on Kalle's own pages. There are also links to his campaigns, but most of them are Finnish.


SUNSET BEACH CAMPAIGNClick the image to view Kalle's own Sunset Beach Syndicate Campaign.


ISLE OF DAWN was another Syndicate campaign by the maestro himself.

KRYO CAMPAIGNMy own arctic campaign, but it never got started.

SCIENCE FICTION SYNDICATE is a setting conversion by Risto Varanka. Syndicate in space, it seems..

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