Nomad takes place in deep space, aboard the colonial biosphere vessel NOMAD. While taking its cargo of 10,000 cryogenically stored pioneers at sublight speeds towards other stars, a collision with an alien organism in deep space severely damaged the ship, knocking it off course and contaminating a good deal of its internal biosphere with alien genomes. Early battles between the xenomutants and the ship security systems convinced the AI that the biosphere was a lost cause. Crucial systems were isolated, put into care of robots and any biological intruders would be attacked. By chance, the autonomous systems controlling the cryogenic sleep succeeded in awakening some of the uncontaminated sleepers, who then sought to awaken others and take back their massive ship (really, all things considered, the size of a large city) from both alien and machine control. It was a dismal failure. Humans were crushed and scattered. Most were killed but bands of survivors found refuge in the nooks and crannies of their enormous artificial world. Eventually, most of the bands died out. Some survived and merely a generation later they would huddle under warm air ventilation ducts swapping tales of a lost paradise known as Earth. Aliens are their demons and the use of science and technology are remembered in songs and rituals, without real understanding as to how or why things work. Braves from all tribes explore the unknown depths of their home, looking for food, tools or knowledge, but most importantly ancestral messiahs, who still lie dreaming in in their forgotten tombs. People like you.

Code/X Abyss

Abyss takes the myth of Hollow Earth and brings it to the modern day. Deep beneath Scandinavia, within the bowels of the geological area known as the Baltic Shield, lies a vast network of underground caverns that house the ghastly remains of a pre-glacial civilisation. The everlasting winter drove them underground and they regressed, leaving behind not just technological relics, degenerate tribes and terrifying monsters but also a pre-engineered ecology that has had very little interaction with the surface for the last 50,000 years. The few encounters between the surface and the underground have been immortalised as Finnish legends of the River of Death, the Dwarves and Dragons of the Germanic folklore and the many strange things found in Lappish and Karelian mythology. The last human incursion into this realm occurred a century ago, during the Gold Rush of Lappland in the early 20th century. It came to a tragic end. Now, certain organisations and individuals have come into possession of previously concealed records of that era and are preparing new rival expeditions...